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​​Are You Tired AND Frustrated With Not Booking The Roles That You Know You're Right For?

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Welcome to the FIRST TEAM Collective.

Hey Actor!

Yeah, you

You might not be ready to call yourself that full-time, but I’m calling you that.

Do any of these sound like you?

If any of this resonates, you’re in the right place. I’m DaJuan Johnson, a working actor, acting teacher, and certified transformational life coach. Together with my dedicated team, I’ve created the FIRST TEAM Collective, a members only tribe dedicated to help you go from feeling stuck to working in the industry.

Gosh, I love being on set when they call, “FIRST TEAM!” so much — I created a community around getting you there too! 

In the FIRST TEAM Collective, you'll:

Rediscover the joy that initially fueled your passion for acting, breathing new life into your craft.

No more being stuck. I have a step by step Accelerator Success Path inside this community that keeps you moving!

Say goodbye to generic theories and embrace my proven methods, unlocking the door to extraordinary results on your acting journey.

Look, I’ve been there, with no credits…all the way to over 100 IMDB credits, including 7 seasons of a hit show. You need to equip yourself with a Booker’s mindset, essential strategies, and the artistic firepower required not just to compete but to stand out by learning how to BRING YOU to every thing you do and thrive in the industry.

Enjoy exclusive access to your personal Mentorship Guides from the Think Bigger Team. They’ll be your trusted companions, guiding you through every step of this world-class online learning experience. Because I’m not just bringing my expertise, but the expertise of my friends and fellow successful actors. Oh and Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, Producers, Showrunners — You get the point!

Look, I’m boots on the ground. This isn’t theory, I’m working currently in today’s industry. You’ll get a front-row seat to my unmatched real-life expertise, tapping into over two decades of experience as a working actor. Benefit from my unparalleled wealth of knowledge and insights, propelling you towards success in the industry.

Ready to Elevate Your Acting Journey?

Inside The FIRST TEAM Collective You’ll Get Access To:

On top of the supportive community, expert coaching and accountability, you'll also get a resource hub like no other inside The First Team Collective. I've divided this hub into five dynamic modules, each designed to elevate your mindset, industry knowledge, and acting technique. My Team and I are committed to get you to do more of what you love: acting!



The Foundation

Where It All Begins!
THE FOUNDATION is your launchpad. In this essential module, we’ll equip you with the cornerstone tools needed to lay a rock-solid foundation for your acting career. From mastering your essence to crafting a compelling personal brand. It’s the first step on your journey to becoming a successful actor. Get ready to build your dream career from the ground up!



The Absolute Yes Package

Welcome to The Absolute Yes Package, your ticket to securing that coveted YES -BEFORE you get into the room. In this dynamic second module, we dive into everything essential to make sure your materials stand out and speak for themselves when you can’t. From a compelling headshot to polishing your resume, refining your reel, optimizing your website, and perfecting your IMDb profile — we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your marketing materials are finely tuned for that resounding YES in every audition room. Even before you audition.



The Craft

“The Craft” is the heart of your transformational journey. Here you’ll master audition techniques, excel in self-tapes, dissect scripts like a pro, and thrive in mock auditions. Refine your skills and consistently deliver standout performances, setting yourself on the path to booking! “The Craft” is where you become the actor you’ve always aspired to be.



The Team

It’s time to Build Your Dream Team of reps who believe in your talent and are committed to your success. In this module you will assemble a Team that aligns with your goals while getting tangible steps on how to do that through: Access to templates for cover letters, mock interview scripts, and emails.



The Credit

The Credit module is where the rubber meets the road. Here you’ll discover the roadmap to booking your first or next big credit. Equip yourself with insider insights, strategies, and a proven path to shine in the industry.

Hi, I'm DaJuan Johnson, and I get it...

Look. I’m going to keep it 100 with you because there is A LOT of talk out in these internet streets about Scams! And Red Flags! 

I am a consistently working actor, certified life coach, and the Founder of Think Bigger Coaching where I Help Actors Book off Self-Tapes and get to their dreams faster by developing a Booker’s Mindset. I am also the creator of my Signature Program SELF TAPES THAT BOOK.

What I needed most when I was coming up in this industry was community and guidance. Full Stop. I desperately wanted someone who was working to just sit with me…and help guide me. I never got that. I want to be that for YOU. This community. This space. These modules. It’s for the young me that didn’t have any of the answers and never got the help. 

I understand the challenges you face. I’ve been through hundreds of auditions and heard my fair share of “No”s. But I’ve also learned what it takes to succeed.  The First Team Collective is built on my experience to help you achieve the traction and results you deserve.

Join today and envision the actor you'll become in three years.
The roles you'll book. The dreams you'll make come true.
Did you do it alone or with a strong tribe supporting your rise?

FAQ! What About...?

Q1: Why Another Membership?

Because of the community of like minded actors, who are in this to succeed and to help you do that too. No one has ever done this alone. Community, Coaching and Mentorship is the key. Oh! And accountability. You’ll get that here. 

Q2: Will you be reviewing self tapes and giving feedback?

A2:  There is definitely an option to add this service on to your membership, but it is not something we do each month in this membership. 

Q3: Will we be working with you directly, DaJuan?

A3: As much as I possibly can be! I wish I could be everywhere, everything, everyone all at once but I can’t so what I’ve assembled here in the FIRST TEAM Collective is a team of industry professionals and expert trainings to help guide you on your successful journey to becoming a full-time, in-demand actor.

Q4: Is there only monthly payment options or is there an annual payment option?

A4: Currently, we have two options. A  monthly payment option and you are able to cancel the subscription to the FIRST TEAM Collective at any time. We also have a yearly payment option where you save $120 a year plus you get a 60 minute 1:1 success call session with Coach Sean or Coach Laura. 

Q5: Is this mostly for people based in LA? I’m in NYC and am not sure how the market differs.

A1: I am sure there are slight differences in each market, but this program is for ALL markets as this content is for the entire acting industry.

Real Talk. (This Is for the Skeptics.)

Hey, it’s DaJuan again… Of course, I can’t guarantee every actor who joins the First Team Collective, uses these awesome strategies, and does the hard work will automatically uplevel their career.

In fact, this community is about educating and equipping you with the positioning and MINDSET SHIFT you need to bring about huge benefits. Your individual results totally depend on your own efforts, experience, and personal career plan. (That last one we help you come up with.)

What I can promise is that during this amazing experience you will discover for yourself what has been possibly holding you back from the career you deserve and get to working on it in a supportive environment. This community will become your secret weapon towards crushing your opportunities!


This membership is a culmination of everything I know in the industry. Everything I’ve used to book work, everything I’ve used to show up to set for 7+ seasons on my TV series and everything I’ve used to Actors — just like you –and have helped their careers. I am confident this membership will help you. 
I can’t guarantee you a booking. I know that’s the guarantee every actor is looking for. But, what… 

I can guarantee is that you will have ALL of the information that has led me to booking and all of the information that has led my actors to getting booked. And I believe it can happen for you. 

You are absolutely going to love this experience. 

If you’re an actor who is not getting booked, then I want to encourage you to join us. If for whatever reason after the first 10 days you are not happy then I want you to have the confidence of knowing that you can get a 100% full refund. #AB1319

Got Questions? Email info@thinkbiggercoaching.com