Self Tapes That Book

The Rinse and Repeat Process to Creating bookable Self-Tapes!

The Self Guided Edition!

Most actors believe you can't book off of self-tape. Well, you're wrong!


You get the notification and immediately think, why bother... nobody books off self tapes. but you put in the work anyhow... probably too much work, retake after retake, only to wrestle with tech for 8 hours just to submit the darn thing. at this point, you can't tell if your tape is even any good and you'll never know because you've never even had a callback let alone a booking from your tapes.

Self Tapes aren’t going anywhere. So, it’s time to learn the proven system to feel as confident, enthusiastic and powerful as you do in the room.

Welcome to SELF-TAPES THAT BOOK the Self Guided Edition.

The Premier program for actors who want unshakable confidence in every Self Tape. 

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See what ACTORS are saying about Self Tapes That Book:

SELF-TAPES THAT BOOK delivers the proven GPS formula. It’s the process I rely on every time I audition because it works. And now go through the course at your own pace for just $597 $397

The Self Guided Edition!

If you really want to...

Then it’s time to get really honest with yourself and uncover what actually WORKS to book from self tapes.

Here’s what you’ve probably been doing up until now…

Self Tapes That Book Is Designed to Erase All of That. Now you get the Self Guided version!

Self Tapes That Book is built on my signature GPS System
(yes… the exact system I used to book my Emmy Campaign worthy guest star on Grey’s Anatomy through a Self Tape)

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I’ll never forget THE WEEK…

I had two self-tapes due one right after the other, an in-person audition to prep for, lines to learn for my character on BOSCH… oh, and I had to board a plane the same day bound for NYC where I was presenting the proof of concept short film I directed at a film festival.

Yeah… #actorslife, right?


My first thought when those 3 auditions came through was… DAMN.

How am I going to make this all work!?


The idea of turning down an opportunity that could be life-changing made me sick to my stomach — I mean, all of our auditions could be “the one.”

But I knew I couldn’t make the in-person audition, so I asked to self-tape… because I knew I had a process that was quick, easy, and tested. Especially under the wire like this.

I got all three of those self-tapes in and made it to the film festival that weekend in NYC.

One of the self-tapes booked the room. How do I know? Because I was asked to do another self-tape shortly thereafter.

The second, I booked. It was for Grey’s Anatomy. Yup, the performance that ABC backed for an Emmy Campaign.

This can be your story as well.

But you first need to put your very own GPS system in place so you have the structure that will make it possible.

The Self Guided Edition!

Hey, I’m DaJuan Johnson. I am a consistently working actor, certified life coach, and the Founder of Think Bigger Coaching where I Helps Actors Book off Self-Tapes and get to their dreams faster by developing a Booker’s Mindset. Currently, you can catch me recurring as Detective Rondell Pierce on Amazon’s hit show BOSCH, which just completed its seven season run. My credits include an ABC-backed Emmy-campaigned performance on Grey’s Anatomy — which I booked off a self-tape — and a lead role in the Emmy-nominated YouTube series The New 30. Other credits include NCIS (booked off self-tape), Narcos, Suits, Agent Carter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Private Practice, 24, and Bones. All this is to say — I’ve worked and I’ve been there and am DOING IT. STILL DOING. And THRIVING. 

My mission is simple: to help you #SKIPTHELINE and #SeeYouOnSet


This self guided program is designed to teach you everything you need to know in less than 5 weeks, so you can shoot every self tape it with confidence. There’s no time to waste, so let’s get down to it.

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The Self Guided Edition!

Plus You Get These Awesome Bonuses!

BONUS How to Book the Room (Value: $297)

Success leaves clues. I'm sharing Booking The Room with Self-Tapes and Virtual Auditions. In this bonus you will see actual self-tapes of mine. That auditions have gotten me called back into the room with the same casting directors over and over again. You will also see auditions I've been pinned for! Success leaves clues and breaking down the consistent work and incorporating it into your process will help create the environment to book in! Plus, I'm sharing for the first time outside of my Self Tapes That Book program. The Demystifier. YOU CAN be a fly on the wall and watch my Emmy campaigned, backed by ABC, Self-tape THAT BOOKED. And I've brought along a Self Tape That Book Alum to pull back the curtain and share her self tape that booked her role on Fox's The Cleaning Lady.

BONUS VIDEO: Technique Masterclass (Value $200)

Technique made simple. I sat down with a self-tape studio owner, who has clients come in all day long and got tips on technique dos and don’t so that you can practice these and start to add them to your own toolbox. It’s always valuable to get outside insight from people who see auditions all day long.


Recorded Casting director Q & A sessions.

The Self Guided Edition!




The Self Guided Version

What would it feel like to have a reliable and professional self-tape process in place?

Empowering. Like you have a secret advantage over other actors.

Exciting. To know that you can handle any audition at any time.

Reassuring. No more worrying about what you’ll do when a last-minute appointment comes in.

Please, do not enroll in this course if you:

Don’t want to book off self-tapes

Don’t want to do the work → It’s FOUR scenes

Aren’t willing to jump in and support your fellow actors

The Self Guided Version


Now, of course, I can’t guarantee every actor that takes this program and uses the awesome tools in it will book from self-tapes.

This is a program designed to deliver everything I know to help you book work or more work than you ever booked before. What I am not going to do is come to your house and act on your behalf. YOU have to bring the acting. Your individual results totally depend on your own efforts, experience and personal career plan.

But, what I can promise is that during this program, you will discover for yourself what has been possibly holding you back from the career you deserve. And you’re going to have a system of action steps and feedback designed to confidently select your self-tapes.

Ending October 2nd at 11:59 PM PST


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The Self Guided Edition

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  • Five DIY Training Modules
  • My Signature BOOKING Process
  • 6 Months of a LIVE Monthly Q&A w/ DaJuan and/or team
  • Self Taping Vault
  • CD Feedback Vault
  • And so much more!
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