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Presented by DaJuan Johnson, Actor, Certified Transformation + Career Coach, and Founder of Think Bigger Coaching



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(Most actors believe you can't book off of self-tape. Well, you're wrong!)

Exhausted from sending your tapes into the void and never hearing back?

Wondering if your work is competitive with ACTORS that are booking? 

Overwhelmed by the of myriad instructions: Two takes? Slate? Editing? Action?

It’s time to solve the puzzle of self-tapes once and for all so you can feel as confident, enthusiastic and powerful as you do in the room.

Welcome to my SELF-TAPES THAT BOOK program. 

The Premier Training for actors who want to feel empowered instead of uncertain!


If you really want to...

  • Jump into the pool of working actors that book off self-tapes...
  • Feel excited (rather than stressed!) when an appointment comes in because you got the tech-side handled…
  • Be able to fully drop into the character + the scene and just have fun...

Then it’s time to get really honest with yourself and ask: what are they doing that I’m not? How can I create my OWN version of their success?” 


Self Tapes That Book IS the program to help you reach your goals.

Here’s what you’ve probably been doing up until now…

  • Staying up until 2:30 in the morning doing 24 takes and still feeling your choices aren't strong enough
  • Getting the dreaded "great job" feedback from your 16th casting director workshop and still not getting called in
  • Absorbing every FREE self-tape class + live event only to get more and more get confused
  • Piecemealing your process together every time a new audition comes in, so you never really know why you don't get called in
  • Left on your own to guess at why other actors book and you don't

It's time for all that to change.


Say hello to my 3 phase GPS system. A proven framework for newbies and veterans who want self tapes that book. 

  • Phase 1: Gear. Most actors get totally distracted by gear. They think the solution to booking more self-tapes is having better equipment. That is fall thinking and it actual gets in your way. This is why we are going to learn the simple process to have the best gear, at the lowest price without distractions.

Craft is King.

Always has been, always will be. 

  • Phase 2: Performance. Would you ever do 50 takes in the room? Hell no. So why is it that most actors when it comes to performance if you do enough takes you will find something that works. This is the that stresses you out and leads you to believe that actors don't book off of self-tapes. It's also the thing that leads to dread self-tapes, instead of look forward to them. And believe me when I tell you that energy shows up on camera. You're going to learn exactly what I do for every self-tape and this is the same process I used to book my ABC back Emmy Campaign role on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Phase 3: Support. Support. My biggest pet peeve about most self tape classes is that while they teach you about the gear and cover a technique, they don’t give you hands on feedback on your actual performance. Sure, most classes will work with a couple of volunteers, but that’s not enough. Which is why during STTB, you’ll have the chance to upload 4 of your self tapes throughout the class. I will personally provide video feedback on each of them. And we’re not talking about a high level discussion of everyone’s tapes in a general way where I highlight a couple of students. I will personally review and give you video feedback on 3 of your tapes. This is the thing that will ensure that your craft is the best it can be and you actually know what to work on to get better. No theories, just facts.
  • BONUS. Phase 4: Casting Director. Our class culminates in a very special bonus. When you join me for Self Tapes That Book today, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your very best tape to a working Casting Director who will also critique your tape and provide you with written feedback. Now, instead of working out the kinks in front of a casting director, you’ll make the best possible first impression because we’re going to make sure your very best performance gets in their hands.
  • That’s when casting will stop looking at the shadows behind you and start falling in love with YOU!

I’ll never forget THE WEEK…

I had two self-tapes due one right after the other, an in-person audition to prep for, lines to learn for my character on BOSCH… oh, and I had to board a plane the same day bound for NYC where I was presenting the proof of concept short film I directed at a film festival.

Yeah… #actorslife, right? 


My first thought when those 3 auditions came through was… DAMN. 

How am I going to make this all work!?

The idea of turning down an opportunity that could be life-changing made me sick to my stomach — I mean, all of our auditions could be “the one.”

But I knew I couldn’t make the in-person audition, so I asked to self-tape… because I knew I had a process that was quick, easy, and tested. Especially under the wire like this.

I got all three of those self-tapes in and made it to the film festival that weekend in NYC. 

One of the self-tapes booked the room. How do I know? Because I was asked to do another self-tape shortly thereafter.

The second, I booked. It was for Grey’s Anatomy. Yup, the performance that ABC backed for an Emmy Campaign.

This can be your story as well. 

But you first need to put your very own GPS system in place so you have the structure that will make it possible.


Hey, I’m DaJuan Johnson. I am a consistently working actor, certified life coach and the founder of Think Bigger Coaching. Currently you can catch me recurring as Detective Rondell Pierce on Amazon’s hit show BOSCH, which was recently renewed for its seventh season. My credits include an ABC-backed Emmy-campaigned performance on Grey’s Anatomy —- which I booked off a self-tape — and a lead role in the Emmy-nominated YouTube series The New 30. Other credits include Suits, Agent Carter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Private Practice, 24, and Bones. All this is to say — I’ve worked. I’ve been there and I’m DOING IT. STILL DOING. THRIVING. 


My mission is simple: to help you #SKIPTHELINE. Yup, I’m on a mission to help actors #uplevel their careers with confidence.

SELF-TAPES THAT BOOK delivers the proven GPS formula.  It’s the process I rely on every time I audition because it works. 

Let me break it down for you...

  • The Gear

    You need an affordable, high-caliber studio setup that can go up and down in minutes so taping at home is stress-free (and even fun). And don’t worry — this will not cost a fortune in new gear. On the contrary: I’ve found the best equipment for the best cost and I’m going to share my recommendations with you.

  • No more taping in front of makeshift curtains:

     I’ll show you exactly which tools you need for a professional-grade studio that won’t distract from your performance, ie., one that shows casting that you know what you’re doing.


    Most of all, we’ll get you to a place where you don’t have to worry about the tech so you can DROP INTO TO YOUR AUDITION and LET THE MAGIC HAPPEN. 

  • The Performance

    We’ll create a STEP-BY-STEP audition process flow so you never have to “wing it” (yikes!) in an audition again. 


    As part of the SELF-TAPES THAT BOOK program, you’ll receive DaJuan’s booking script breakdown checklist, so you can step up your game and audition like a pro AND finally feel confident with the takes you’re submitting. 

  • The Support

    No one “makes it” on their own, and the world of self-tapes is no exception. It’s always important to have a second pair of eyes on your work so you can see what works, what doesn’t, and develop your sense for self-tapes until you have an eagle eye for what stands out on screen. 


    You’ll have the support of DaJuan and your fellow actors in a private Facebook group where everyone uploads their takes, gets feedback, and cheers each other on. A rising tide raises all ships!



This program is designed to teach you everything you need to know in less than 3 weeks, so you can execute it with confidence. Which means you'll be set up because production is already coming back. There's no time to waste. Which is why STTB is 3 weeks long. 

  • You get an audition at the beginning of every week starting July 13th. The audition is due within 24 hours (or less).


    What? You came to uplevel, didn’t you? 

  • Each week we will cover different aspects of the self-taping audition process. By the end of the three weeks, you’ll walk away with confidence in your own process.  

  • Actors will choose from a small variety of scenes each week from Co-star to Series Regular.

  • Actors will post (upload) their self-tapes into the exclusive SELF-TAPES THAT BOOK Facebook group by the designated time.

  • Individual, video-recorded feedback will be given to every actor on their tapes.

  • We’ll discuss feedback every Friday on a LIVE Q&A ZOOM. That’s right: we walk through all the feedback, together, so you fully understand the tangible steps to improve your self-tapes.  Remember the “S” in GPS stands for Support.

  • Recap:

    • Monday you will be sent sides. 24 hours to tape and upload.
    • Video feedback will be given on each performance and uploaded to our exclusive Facebook group
    • Friday Zoom Q & A.  

Plus You Get These Awesome Bonuses!

BONUS WEEK: Casting Director Feedback (Value $1000)

...better known as the MY FRIENDS THINK I'M CRAZY BONUS!

You’ll have the opportunity to submit your very best tape to a working Casting Director who will also critique your tape and provide you with written educational feedback. 

Now, instead of working out the kinks in front of a casting director, we’re going to make sure your very best performance gets in their hands, so that you can build a solid taping process. 


BONUS AUDIO: Casting Director Frequently Asked Questions (Value $300)

One working casting director sat down with a group of actors just like you and answered all their burning questions about self-tapes, including the most common mistakes casting sees in tapes every day that disqualify actors immediately. Hear him talk about what stands out so you can implement those qualities in your work. 

BONUS VIDEO: Technique Masterclass (Value $200)

Technique made simple. I sat down with a self-tape studio owner, who has clients come in all day long and got tips on technique dos and don’t so that you can practice these and start to add them to your own toolbox. It’s always valuable to get outside insight from people who see auditions all day long.

BONUS STUDY MATERIAL: How to Book the Room (Value: priceless)

Review these THREE actual self-tapes that got amazing feedback but didn’t book the job. Pinpoint the kind of work that makes a self-tape submission stand out and has a CD remember you. You’ll see comedic, dramatic and action scenes and see a great demonstration of technique that works in the real world.  


Still got questions? Keep reading...

  • 1

    Another self-tape class? Can’t I find all of this stuff for free somewhere online?

    Maybe, if you have time to dig around online and experiment! This class is a one-stop shop meant to provide you with everything you need to nail your self-tapes, right away. I’ve put it all together and weeded out the fluff so you don’t have to mess around with things that “might” work. The process, the acting support, the feedback and the action steps are proven — so you don’t have to waste a minute wondering if the next thing will get you the results you want.

  • 2

    I already bought your other courses. How is this different?

    Self-Tapes That Book contains brand-new, never-before-seen content. Sure, there will be a little crossover, as is the case with our craft. It all works together.
    Even if you’ve seen me speak, the level of hands-on, live training and implementation exercises in this program is unprecedented. It is designed to skyrocket you forward so you can #SKIPTHELINE.

  • 3

    What level do I need to be at to participate?

    All levels are welcome. Whether you’re newer to acting and need a way to confidently step into the world of self-taping, or you’re a veteran actor who hasn’t quite mastered the art of booking from home, this course will offer you the insight, tools and process you need to put your best foot forward with every audition.

  • 4

    Will sides be provided?


  • 5

    Why should I take this course?

    This course is specifically for people who are committed to their acting career and want to master the art of creating self-tapes that book the room. Wondering why I’m the guy to teach this course? Here’s an overview of my credentials that I believe qualify me to coach you through this process:
    I am a working actor
    I have been an acting coach for over 15 years
    I have shadowed directors for episodic TV
    I have worked with casting at the executive level at ABC
    I have earned over 100 IMDB credits
    In short… I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve been on the other side. I can give you an insider’s perspective on process, technique and craft. If that feels like something you want, then you should jump in with all your heart!

  • 6

    Will the self-tapes and feedback be public?

    Yes, but only inside the exclusive facebook group. Yes, you will see your fellow actors’ work. Yes, you might have the same scene as multiple people in the course. It’s all part of the learning process, and we’ll work together to create an environment of inclusion, creativity and support.

  • 7

    When does class start?

    July 13, 2020 (July 20th, July 27th)

  • 8

    Will I get personal feedback from DaJuan?

    YES! Feedback is the heart of the program. Each week, you’ll receive notes on your tape and an opportunity to speak directly to me during the LIVE Q & A weekly calls, which means no burning question will be left unanswered!

This will be a game changer for you: 

IF you want to #SKIPTHELINE. Don’t figure out all of this solo.

IF you’re ready to stop making excuses and put a real process in place. 

IF you know there’s something missing from your process and want a PRO’s support and feedback.

IF you’re tired of wondering what the booking actors are doing that you’re not.




  • Continue to cobble together information from various sources that may or may not be what you ultimately need and make incremental progress. Hop on every Iinstagram live, check out all of the free stories and put together your “kinda process.” Sure... yYou can learn this way… but it may take you years to fully catch up. (And doesn’t it sound so much harder?)


  • I’ll tell you what: the actors who jump in this round are going to get tremendous value. For one, this is likely the most hands-on I’ll ever be with the program. (Listen, I have a thriving career, too!) But more importantly, I’ve noticed that the actors who take initiative and invest in their career are the ones that make the most progress. I encourage you to take a risk and boldly commit to upleveling your self-tape game.

What would it feel like to have a reliable and professional self-tape process in place?


Empowering. Like you have a secret advantage over other actors.


Exciting. To know that you can handle any audition at any time. 


Reassuring. No more worrying about what you’ll do when a last-minute appointment comes in.

Please, do not enroll in this course if you:

Don’t want to book off self-tapes


Don’t want to do the work → It’s FOUR scenes


Aren’t willing to jump in and support your fellow actors





You get my step-by-step process from audition to upload so you can feel great about every audition opportunity that comes through your inbox. We’ll talk gear, audition technique, craft and process flow — this is the whole package, guys. 


This program is three weeks of auditions and feedback to help you zero in on crafting a fine audition tape that books the room. When you turn in your self-tapes, you’ll be able to view other classmates’ tapes and feedback, as well as receive feedback on your work. We’ll also discuss live over Zoom how you can make your tapes shine even more.


You get written feedback on all three weeks of your scenes, plus you’ll have the opportunity to see what others are doing and the feedback they receive (trust me, this is very insightful). 


PLUS you’ll get my full attention on three separate live Zoom Q&A calls. You ask your burning questions, I’ll answer, and we’ll get you up to speed in no time. 


Each week includes worksheets, checklists and a Progression Journal which will help you deepen your mastery of the content and immediately apply the tools to your craft and self-tapes. We’re talking nearly-instant improvement here. 


Liz Herron Liz Herron, Actor

I want to say thank you so much for the course. It was money well spent, you covered so many things, you were so professional, with a great sense of humor and such a positive attitude. I really appreciate it! Not demeaning, no judgement everything was for the betterment of everyone. Your positive attitude deeply inspires me. It has been so fascinating to watch everyone else’s work too, almost more helpful in this zoom format than a traditional format as you can really take the time to go back and watch other people’s videos. You can stop and start and really digest your feedback.

Hugo Hugo, Actor

I had an excellent time with your course.  I was hesitant at first because of the price, and being on unemployment.  But I am glad I did it.  You are an excellent coach, and a very generous teacher.  I feel like my self-tape game has been elevated.

Lindy Loundagin Lindy Loundagin, Actor

Normally I have so much trouble with lines, but I used the GPS formula I just learned the lines, it was so much easier and freeing. It really helped me trust myself, have more fun and up my game.

Adina Taubman Adina Taubman, Actor

I was so intimidated by self taping so it was great to have a technique to demystify the process. I feel like I have an amazing foundation now moving forward.

Regina Ohashi Regina Ohashi , Actor

I got so much from the "Self Tape That Book" program!  DaJuan broke down on what I need to do to streamline my process and up-level my self-tapes game.  Before the course, there were things I missed from my self-tapes that I technically knew but didn't put into my process.  During the course, through DaJuan's feedback, I was able to pinpoint what I needed to work on to fine-tune my performance.  When a Casting Director's feedback on my last self-tape assignment was "She's great! Keep it up!", I felt so grateful and motivated to keep going and I wouldn't get that feedback without DaJuan's coaching throughout the program.  Thank you so much DaJuan for all your coaching and notes and encouragement! I'm forever grateful!

Judy Honeywell Judy Honeywell, Actor

Self Tapes That Book was the most incredible, insightful, and constructive acting  class I've ever had. It's the class I wish I had when I first began my acting journey. DaJuan is the best. He will tell you what you need to hear but he says it from a place of wanting you to be your best. So, if you're on the fence about taking the course, get off the fence and just do it!

Paige Laree Poucel Paige Laree Poucel, Actor

Thank you so much for all your greatness and mindset help in the last four weeks! Everything was so well organized and the weekly personalized feedback was so helpful! It was worth every penny and helped me gain more clarity and confidence through the whole process. Lastly, I would definitely buy a t-shirt from you, if it said “Put your stank on it”, so let me know when those are available!😂

Samantha Stinger Samantha Stinger, Actor

Thank you Du Juan for your expertise! Your approach is life giving and empowering. You aren’t handing out fish but teaching us how to fish with patience, encouragement and practical assistance; for any level of acting. You nurture the newbies and give the experienced something to improve upon or develop. The hope and direction you give is a breathe of fresh air in the actor’s sails! 

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Now, of course, I can’t guarantee every actor that takes this program and uses the awesome tools in it will book from self-tapes.

This is a program designed to deliver everything I know to help you book work or more work than you ever booked before. What I am not going to do is come to your house and act on your behalf. YOU have to bring the acting. Your individual results totally depend on your own efforts, experience and personal career plan.

But, what I can promise is that during this program, you will discover for yourself what has been possibly holding you back from the career you deserve. And you’re going to have a system of action steps and feedback designed to confidently select your self-tapes


Not feeling the SELF-TAPES THAT BOOK program? No problem. In accordance with AB1319, you can change your mind about your investment anytime within 10 days of purchase and get a full refund – no questions asked. Not only does this program offer colossal value, it’s RISK FREE.

Still have questions?

Contact DaJuan