Welcome to Self Tapes That Book 101!

Before attempting any of the other videos/modules, please watch the Onboarding & Welcome video to learn how to navigate this course. In addition, there is a Welcome & Onboarding document that will help guide you through the course.

Let's Get Started: Self Tape Series

These videos will introduce you to Self Tapes and the myths surrounding Self Tapes

Module 0 - Booking Alignment (Mindset)

Watch the Booker's Mentality video first and then the Intention Setting video

Module 1 - Gear Setup

All you need to know about gear setup and slates

Module 2 - GPS Acting Process

Learn the Thinking, Feeling, Doing, Saying process to self tapes

Module 3 - Advanced Techniques

Learn more advanced acting tehcniques and then practice with the sample sides provided