Booking actors crush it kit

Presented by DaJuan Johnson, EMMY-Nominated Actor, Certified Life Coach, and Founder of Think Bigger Coaching


You're frustrated.

You want more opportunities.

Your reps aren’t getting you out enough.

You get all your own auditions.

Feel like you tried all the advice out there. And still, you don't have the traction you deserve.

You're starting to think this acting thing might not work out...


It's time to take your career BACK!

I've taken everything I've learned from being a working actor, acting teacher and coach for 10 years PLUS a certified life coach and focused it into a 7-step master system to help you uplevel your career and crush it in ANY season!

(and be happier doing it!)


Here's what you'll learn...

The Booking Actor Crush it Kit is divided into 7 weeks of training. Each week you will master a different tool in your actor toolkit so that by the end of the program you have proven tools + a master system that you can implement over and over again for your career.

The Crush it kit will finally give you proven steps that get you into action and get you doing MORE of what you love - Acting!

TOOL #1: Mindset, Mindset, Mindset!

Everything starts with mindset.  In this crucial tool, you’ll learn how to:

  • Adopt a Bullet Proof Actor Mindset.
  • Unlock what Pro Actors are doing that you’re not.
  • Finally reply to the question of ‘what do you do?’ -- with confidence!
  • Mastering the 3 mindset tools that will keep you on track during all the peaks and valleys in the industry: Consistency + Commitment + Execution.
  • Get the tools to stop feeling frustrated about your career and feel empowered even when you want to give up!

TOOL #2:  Absolute Yes Package

Want to make the jump to the next level? Time to up-level your materials.

In this module, you’ll nail the top FOUR tools all booking actors use:

  • Headshot: Feel confident that you got the shot and it represents YOU.
  • Resume: How to avoid the common mistakes actors make on their resumes.
  • Reel: How to make the most of out of your reels - even if it’s a few credits.
  • PLUS...How to use Social Media and PR in your favor.

By the end of module two, you will walk away finally feeling confident about your marketing tools.

TOOL #3:  Self-Tape Studio

The industry is moving towards casting off tapes more and more. Self-tapes level the playing field, but only if done correctly. A great self tape can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy.

In this tool, you’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about building your self-taping studio + making your tapes look like they were shot in a casting directors office.
  • Where to get the most affordable + reliable equipment.
  • How to Master the ultimate traveling self tape studio that fits in a backpack!
  • My 10 step mandatory checklist for a bookable self-tape.
  • How to Submit your self-tape with one easy click.
  • How to avoid the #1 trap rookie actors make on their self-tapes.

BONUS TIPS: How to create a close up without moving the camera + where to really place your reader.

TOOL #4:  Fan Check

This is a business based off of the two R’s: Relationships and Referrals. No one in this industry achieved their success without having some ravings fans.

In this tool, you’ll learn:

  • A proven system on how to foster relationships with your fans (and how to make new ones!)
  • How to stay on casting's radar.
  • The number one TIP to utilize when contacting industry professionals.
  • Understand why the term “building relationships” is screwing up your mental marketing game!
  • What to say when you don’t have a booking or anything important to say.

TOOL #5:  Full Creative Tank

In this tool, you’ll learn:

  • How to stop waiting for others to tell you when to act.
  • Rigging the system in your favor.
  • Nailing your 10,000 hours in just 20 mins a day
  • Being happier while pursuing your craft.
  • Keeping your creative tank full even when you’re not acting.

TOOL #6:  Audition Success Plan

In this tool, you’ll learn:

  • How to breakdown a script quickly + effectively.
  • Feeling confident about any audition -- before you even get the appointment.
  • Being present & Booking the room.
  • How to turn your nerves into your #1 ally.
  • Finally, have to the tools to LET GO once the audition is done.

TOOL #7:  Your Tribe

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn.

Finding your tribe of actors is imperative to your success. It matters who you hang out with!

In this tool, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your tribe of inspiring creatives who help you level up and stick with them!
  • Evaluate if you need to #levelup from your current tribe.
  • Attract working actors and not feel like your using them.

Plus You Get These Awesome Bonuses!

2 LIVE Q & A Calls with DaJuan!

To make sure you feel supported and guided every step of the way, you’ll have access to me in 2 LIVE Q & A group calls. You’ll have the opportunity to have your personal questions answered based on the tools you learned that week. Can’t make it to a call? No problem- you can submit your questions ahead of time!


My 10-step mandatory checklist for a bookable self-tape. A great self tape can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. This bonus will make sure you hit your marks every time!

Think Bigger Summit Call POWER TOOLS

I’ve pulled the best of the best Think Bigger Summit calls to give you actionable + inspiring tools to support your learning and get your to work immediately. These powerful summit calls are designed to bring your learning experience over the top + help you integrate and apply what you learn in the Booking Actors Crush it Kit to your career.

Here’s what you get:

  • Representation (with Dallas Travers)
  • Support you in the golden age of acting and creating your own content (with Peter Goldfinger)
  • Overcome audition anxiety (with Wendy Braun)
  • Give you tangible tools on uplevel your style + Image (with Image by Buckley)
  • Work on your headshot tools and ace your self-taping studio (with the Headshot Truck)
  • Hear directly from 4 consistently working series regular actors + what they do that you might not be doin (with Chelsey Crisp, Joe Williamson, Beth Dover + Sumalee Montano)

PR Crush It Guide

No matter what level you’re at in your career, there are always steps you can take to build your buzz. This PR Crush It Guide identifies what you can do right now to prepare and then share your successes — like your next booking – so you can grab the career attention you deserve.

Social Media Crush It Guide for Actors

This Social Media CRUSH IT GUIDE will help you choose the BEST platforms for your #actorslife and get you up and running on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook in no time!


  • ME!

2 Live Q & A calls where you get to ask your personal questions covering the tools you’ve learned. All calls are recorded and are yours to keep.


You’ll get a training video at the start of each week during the program. You’ll have daily actions to work on throughout the week. Leaving you with direction and support.


Step-by-step calendar with action steps: scripts, exercises, sample letters and checklists to keep you focused.


Downloadable worksheets for each module, which will help you deepen your mastery of the content and begin to immediately apply the tools to your craft and everyday life.


You’ll get an instant supportive community with accountability to move your career forward!

  • BONUS!

Tips from working actors in the biz, the Social media Crush It Guide, PR Guide, Self Taping Checklist and more!

The Crush It Kit is NOT for you if...

  • Your plan is to sign up for this program, pay your hard earned money and NOT complete it -- please don't!
  • You're just looking for a quick fix and not in it for the long haul.
  • Prefer to just wait for the phone to ring and hope for the best.

The Crush It Kit is RIGHT for you if....

  • If you are a serious actor who is ready to uplevel their career
  • You feel frustrated or stuck with your career (and you’re sick of it)
  • You're ready to roll up your sleeves and CRUSH IT -- this program was designed for YOU!

If you choose NOT to dive into this program right now -- that’s A’ok! Rest assured you will continue living, loving the industry just as you do now.

But, Nothing will change...and wouldn’t that be unfortunate?

Because these are some of the most exciting times in our industry. More content is being produced than ever before. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix have changed the game. This could be the future - your future as a working actor -- after deep diving into this Crush It Kit.


Join me. Book your spot below. 






  • The 7-Week Complete Booking Actor Crush It Kit
  • Checklists, resources, worksheets, sample cover letters to help you do the work.
  • BONUS: 2 LIVE Group Q and A Calls
  • BONUS: Social Media Crush It Kit
  • BONUS: Self-Taping Checklist
  • BONUS: Think Bigger Summit Power Tools
  • BONUS: PR Crush It Guide

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  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


3 Payments of


  • The 7-Week Complete Booking Actor Crush It Kit
  • Checklists, resources, worksheets, sample cover letters to help you do the work.
  • BONUS: 2 LIVE Group Q & A Calls
  • BONUS: Social Media Crush It Guide
  • BONUS: Self-Taping Checklist
  • BONUS: Think Bigger Summit Power Tools
  • BONUS: PR Crush It Guide

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DaJuan Johnson is a working actor on Amazon’s hit show BOSCH. The show is in its 4th season and has been renewed for a 5th. He’s been recurring on the show since the pilot episode. You might also remember him from the ABC pilot Downward Dog, Agent Carter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bones, General Hospital and one of his personal favs Fox’s 24! You might have also caught him in between your network television shows on commercials for Chrysler Pacifica, McDonalds, Verizon, AT&T, Chevy or his Superbowl commercial with Jerry Seinfeld. DaJuan is also a certified life coach and creator of Think Bigger Coaching who is on a mission to help actors #uplevel their career with confidence. His mindset strategies are grounded in his real-life experience as a veteran working actor.


When I started B.A.C.K. I needed clarity in my next steps of my acting and writing career- I was getting bogged down with constant distractions and spinning my wheels.  B.A.C.K. helped me get out of the weeds and gain clarity in my next steps and see beyond my current situation. You helped me and continue to help me stay in my own lane and own it with fierce confidence and joy! The live Q & A calls also really helped me to be able to let out my mind garbage and get to the good stuff that’s in there. If you're looking for someone to be in your court and help you find tangible action steps towards confidence in knowing what to do next and towards a fulfilling career, DaJuan’s your guy. He’ll help empower you to see beyond where you are now and help you get to where you CAN and WANT to be!

Ingrid Moss
Ingrid Moss

I feel like this group has been so fundamental for me, not only with the mindset shifts but in the practical business side of things. I'm really glad I did it with where I am in my career now. Listening to you and how you manage your career from where you are currently also gives me a clearer understanding of the reality of the business and what is really important in order for me to create a thriving acting career for myself. I'm immensely grateful for you doing this DaJuan!! 

- Carrie T.

This has been the best investment I have made for my career. It has created wonderful opportunities and most importantly new and solid relationships with like minded people.

Adrian Matilla
Adrian Matilla

I learned a lot about myself and about what I want for my acting career. I learned how empowering it is to have your materials in order and the importance of reaching out to fellow actors before auditions. It was refreshing to hear how other actors were setting goals and making things happen in their career.

- Oliva G.

I am truly grateful to have this opportunity. I have learned so much about myself as an actor, but mostly as a person. THIS is my ninja training, the awareness and calmness of the mind...the control, and sometimes relinquishing the control and allowing for detachment. DaJuan took me from a recreational actor to a professional actor.

Sean Murmatsu
Sean Murmatsu


Now, of course, I can’t guarantee every actor that takes this program and uses the awesome tools in it will uplevel their career.

In fact, this program is really about educating you on the thoughts you’re having everyday and how a MINDSET SHIFT could bring about huge benefits. Your individual results totally depend on your own efforts, experience and personal career plan.

But, what I can promise is that during this program, you will discover for yourself what has been possibly holding you back from the career you deserve. And you will walk away from this program with a system of action steps to use towards crushing it during any season!


Not feeling The Actors Crush It Kit? No problem. In accordance with AB1319, you can change your mind about your investment anytime within 10 days of purchase and get a full refund – no questions asked.  Not only is this program a colossal value, it’s RISK FREE.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • 1

    Will I get personal feedback from DaJuan?

    The LIVE Q & A calls are where you’ll get direct access to me! There will be 2 group calls throughout the course to answer your specific questions.

  • 2

    I just started acting, will this class be too advanced for me?

    This training is for everyone from the beginning novice to the veteran who is looking for that competitive edge.

  • 3

    Do I need to show up live during the class (or can I take it on my own time)?

    No. You can you go through the training each week as they are released or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule. You can you go through the training each week as they are release or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule. So if you’re working your “DAY JOB” or prepping for an audition — don’t worry you won’t fall behind. Remember this is a step by step system you can refer back to at any point in your career. Also! If you can’t make a live call you can always submit it ahead of time and I’ll be sure to answer it.

  • 4

    When does class start?

    After you enroll, you’ll receive an email with your login information. We will start as a group on April 23rd.

  • 5

    How much time will I need to finish the class?

    Expect to spend 10-15 minutes everyday to #DoTheWork. To help make this EASY, I’ve broken the hours of training in the program into bite-sized videos so they’re easy to fit into your busy #actorslife. Of course the more focused you are during the B.A.C.K. the more you’ll get out of it. But, if you are not able to carve out that much time during your week, don’t worry.

What actors are saying...

Each meeting was like a shot in the arm to start off my week on the right foot. And that is energy I could carry with me the whole week long.  

- Britt H.

When we started I had half a screenplay I'd been putting off finishing for months. A few short months later I'd completed that, written a pilot, and lost 10 pounds. DaJuan didn't do that work for me but he helped me figure out my goals and then he held me to them.

Joseph W.
Joseph W.

Still have questions?

Contact DaJuan!