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Here is where you can find the replays from each
Audition Strengthening Challenge Session

Audition Strengthening Challenge Day 1 Video

Audition Strengthening Challenge Day 2 Video

Audition Strengthening Challenge Day 3 Video

Audition Strengthening Challenge Day 4 Video

BONUS Day 5 Video - For FTC Members - New and Current

The Think Bigger Actors Retreat is for serious actors who are ready to expand their Mindset, Craft, AND impact. Let’s get back in the room with each other.

At this 3-day interactive, live event led by DaJuan Johnson, you will be joined by top industry guests as you learn the strategies to:

    • Hold The Vision, Not The Circumstances: Forge an unshakeable mindset that keeps you resilient in any industry storm.
    • Elevate Your Career with Insights from Industry Pros: Learn directly from a diverse panel of series regulars, casting directors, agents, and managers who will share their insider knowledge and practical tips on navigating the complexities of today’s acting world.
    • Create Lasting Community and Connection: Bond with fellow actors in an environment that fosters support and collaboration for mutual growth and success.
    • Master The Craft: Self-Tapes, Virtual Auditions, On Set: Gain cutting-edge techniques that make you OVER prepared in this digital age of casting.

Step into your power at the Think Bigger Actors Retreat, where we focus intensely on Mindset, Acting, Mentorship, Coaching, and Accountability. It’s more than learning; it’s about growing, connecting, and thriving together in the heartbeat of the industry.