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If You Missed It, Watch The Artist Way Info Session Now!

After the info session, I made some adjustments to the payment options. 

With your amazing feedback, I've streamlined and simplified to TWO OPTIONS for you:

  1. PAY AS YOU GO: Pay for a single session each week. Suggested pay what you can $20-$30.We have made this easy for you! Input what you can pay and that amount will deducted weekly for 12 weeks. No need to do anything else.

  2. PAY AS YOU GO BY THE MONTH: For 4 sessions at a time. Suggested pay what you can is $120 per month.We have made this easy for you! Input what you can pay and that amount will be deducted monthly for 3 months. No need to do anything else

  3. Need a little more details about the PAY WHAT YOU CAN: CLICK HERE

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When do we start?

October 10th @ 10:00am sharp! The zoom link will be sent 24 hours before the session. Each session will have a different zoom link.

What is the schedule?

We will meet on Tuesday's at 10am PST.

Will there be an evening group?

We will have "POSSIBLY" have one evening group, by request only, if absolutely necessary. Tuesday or Wednesday at 5p-7pm. PST led by one of our Think Bigger Coaches. *Once we are done with sign-ups on Friday, we will have more information about this. But, our main group will be Tuesday's at 10am PST. If this is your only option, please let me know after signing up.

Is this A FREE Artist Way Group?

It is not. It is a pay what you can or pay as you go. I believe that when you pay for things, you show up. I want you to show up and finish these 12 weeks. I have also been transparent about the expense and time it cost to put this on from my side.

What Book Edition are we using?

Whatever edition you can get your hands on, but I'll be speaking from the 25th edition. There is also an audible edition as well. CLICK HERE to grab your copy! It's under $11 right now on Amazon.

What happens if I miss a session?

No sweat. Come when you can. Remember your peers are depending on you to show up!

Can I come late to a session?

You sure can. But, please try not to. Your fellow actors are creating a sacred space and showing up on time holds that intention. If you must show up late, no sweat. Please know we might already be in break-out rooms and you will be placed in one as soon as you join.

Are the sessions recorded?

Only the MAIN ROOM sessions are recorded. Not the break out rooms. Why? The nature of the things we will be sharing.

Can I share your link with my friends?

Yes, please do. Copy and paste this link in an email or text and shoot it there way!

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