Feeling Stuck Post-Strike?
Rusty in Auditions?

Join my transformative 5-day Actor's Momentum Bootcamp and turn your uncertainties into unstoppable confidence!

As Seen On..

As Seen On..

Hey Actor!

The industry’s changed.

Post-strike, the game’s tougher. You’ve felt it – the silence after auditions, the gnawing doubts that sneak up at 3 AM, wondering if your last role was just that…your last. This new reality ramps up the pressure to nail every single audition because being on fire isn’t just nice, it’s necessary!

If you’ve been feeling the post-strike slump, rusty in your auditions, uncertain about your materials or your career—or just not feeling good enough right now—you’re not alone.

Let’s get you some clarity and forward movement! 

Introducing the The Actor’s Momentum Bootcamp.


Here’s what we’ll cover: 

SELF-TAPES: Maximizing Your New 48 Hours!

I’m teaching my step by step guide on what to really focus on in your 48 hours from when the appointment comes in all the way to hitting send. 


We will cover strategically putting together your package and materials so that it leaves a lasting impression and sets the stage for a ‘YES’ in the industry.


You booked it, now what? Navigate the set with confidence and purpose so you walk away confident you did your job. 


The Most Critical Step, so I saved the best for last. I’m teaching tangible steps to turn that inner critic that wants you to play small in 2024 into a powerful ally. The don’t call me “The Mindset Guy” for nothing! 


Yup, cap it off with a bonus session on Friday of Bootcamp week, ensuring you have the clarity YOU NEED to move FORWARD in your career.

All this for just $27

Real Talk. Why Charge?!

Because I only want to work with serious freaking actors!

But, that’s great news for you because you’ll be surrounded around serious freakin actors too! 

This is an action packed Coaching Week. Something I only do inside my FIRST TEAM membership and signature Self Tapes That Book Program. It’s led by a working actor with over 100 legit IMDb credits, 50+ of them from seven seasons on the same TV show, a recurring role that garnished an Emmy Campaign backed by ABC, and a slew of other GREAT credits. 

Again, I only want to work with actors that get it. 

Not the actors that just want to pop around to FREE ONLY Instagram lives. 

I am looking for actors that want to roll up their sleeves and add new strategies to their creative backpacks. 

If that’s you? Join me. And let’s get your momentum going! 

If that’s not you, totally understand. Maybe you have an awesome actor buddy you can share me with. 

Ready to Get Your Momentum Back? We Start In...


What 100+ Actors Have Said...

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Hi, I'm DaJuan Johnson, and I get it...

Look. I’m going to keep it 100 with you because there is A LOT of talk out in these internet streets about Scams! And Red Flags! 

I am a consistently working actor, certified life coach, and the Founder of Think Bigger Coaching where I Help Actors Book off Self-Tapes and get to their dreams faster by developing a Booker’s Mindset. I am also the creator of my Signature Program SELF TAPES THAT BOOK.

What I needed most when I was coming up in this industry was community and guidance. Full Stop. I desperately wanted someone who was working to just sit with me…and help guide me. I never got that. I want to be that for YOU. This challenge. This space. These 4 days. It’s for the young me that didn’t have any of the answers and never got the help. 

I understand the challenges you face, especially now. I’ve been through hundreds of auditions and heard my fair share of “No”s. But I’ve also learned what it takes to succeed.  This Momentum Bootcamp is built on my experience to help you achieve the traction and results you deserve.

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