Presented by DaJuan Johnson (Working Actor, Certified Life Coach, and Founder of Think Bigger Coaching)
 & the Think Bigger Coaches

CAUTION: Actor Accelerator may make you irresistible!

Does this sound like YOU?

Let Me Show You How to Get To YOUR next level as an Actor!

If you're ready to become unforgettable in the industry, Actor Accelerator was designed specifically for YOU!

Introducing Actor Accelerator: Your Fast-Track Blueprint to Living the Dream Life You Desire!

Imagine stepping onto the set, feeling the rush of excitement as you bring your character to life. With Actor Accelerator, a powerful 6-part fast-track business and acting blueprint, that dream becomes your reality. I’m DaJuan Johnson, a working actor, acting teacher, and certified life coach, and together with my dedicated team, we’ll guide you through every step of this transformative journey.

Unleash your full potential with Actor Accelerator and:

    • Reclaim the exhilarating joy that ignited your passion for acting in the first place.
    • Gain unwavering clarity and unshakeable confidence to seize every opportunity that comes your way, from the initial call to the electrifying moment the director shouts “Action!”
    • Leave behind generic theories and embrace DaJuan’s proven methods that deliver extraordinary results.
    • Arm yourself with a winning mindset, essential tools, and the artistic firepower required to outshine the competition and thrive in the industry.


    • Gain exclusive access to your personal Accelerator Guides from the Think Bigger Team. They will be your trusted companions, guiding you through every step of this world-class online learning experience.
    • Get a front-row seat DaJuan’s unmatched real-life expertise. With over two decades of experience as a working actor in the industry, he brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and insights to guide you on your path to success.

What's Included with Actor Accelerator

Actor Accelerator is divided into five dynamic modules of intensive training. Each module is a strap-in, hold-on ride as you uplevel your mindset, industry savvy and of course, your acting technique. There are Five Checkpoints along the way strategically designed to ensure you master the content and swiftly implement what you’re learning, allowing you to see remarkable results, FAST.

HINT: This means you spend LESS time at your day job, checking your phone, and hoping you get a big break and MORE time doing what you LOVE: Acting!


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With your ACTOR ACCELERATOR Membership You'll Have Access To:

Hi, I'm DaJuan Johnson, and I get it...

Yes, I’m working actor on Amazon’s hit show BOSCH, now in our seventh season, but I’ll be real: it was not easy getting to this point. I can’t tell you how many auditions I’ve been in (thousands); I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “No,” or “You were great, but… we’re going a different direction.” Ouch! What I now know is that it doesn’t have to be so hardActor Accelerator is built with your success and my experience in mind. I took everything I learned over the past fifteen years that led to me becoming a working network actor, and jam-packed it into this incredible online experience.

Listen, I’m holding nothing back – I’m giving you the best insight into what I know works so you can get the traction and results you deserve. These are the fast-track tips, tricks, and techniques I learned from working closely with network and studio executives as part of the ABC Showcase and solidified on set with Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, Agent Carter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Days of Our Lives, Private Practice, 24, and Bones.

See, I’m not just an actor. I’m also a certified life coach and the founder of Think Bigger Coaching. Actor Accelerator is the fastest way I help actors #uplevel their careers with confidence.

And now, I want to share all of this with YOU. Hit that button – let’s do this!

Actor Accelerator is NOT for You if..

Actor Accelerator is PERFECT for You if..

Envision the actor you are 3+ years from now. The roles you're booking. The dreams you're seeing come true. Did you get there alone, or did you have a strong tribe supporting your rise?


“This has been the best investment I have made for my career. It has created wonderful opportunities and most importantly, new and solid relationships with like-minded people.”

Adrian Matilla

FAQ! What About...?

Q1: Is this mostly for people based in LA? I’m in NYC and am not sure how the market differs.

A1: I am sure there are slight differences in each market, but this program is for ALL markets as this content is for the entire acting industry.

Q2: Would you be reviewing self tapes and giving feedback?

A2: No, that is something we do inside the Self Tapes That Book Program, Booker’s Club and our new STTB+ program.

Q3: Will we be working with you directly, DaJuan?

A3: You will mainly be working my highly qualified Think Bigger Coaches, but I will pop in occasionally to the LIVE calls and I am in many of the training videos.

Q4: Is there only monthly payment options or is there an annual payment option?

A4: Currently, we only have a monthly payment option and you are able to cancel the subscription to Actor Accelerator Community at any time.