This chance only happens once a year… 

Your opportunity…

to get my working actor, expert eyes on YOUR Career, your goals, your blocks.

If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau and you’re unsure about how to gain traction, I can help you through a private one-on-one coaching session.

Just you and me, together, hashing out a feel good, works like a charm plan to make next year your best year.

I get asked all the time what’s the one thing that I attribute to my success? I can think of two: Being accountable to someone else and creating a tangible plan that I followed – consistently.  No matter what.

I want that for you! 


We’ll start with the big picture and clarify what you really want for your career and your life. For real. If you could accomplish anything, what would you go for? From there, we’ll map out a step-by-step strategy based on your unique strengths and interests to help you move quickly toward your goals. You’ll leave our session feeling inspired because you’ll have a working plan in place that makes sense, feels great, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

This is not a fill-in-the blanks formula any actor could try. This is pure strategy, focusing on what you can control; custom built to meet you where you’re at and take you where you ultimately want to go.

Here’s what we might cover in our sessions:

You are unique and I don’t believe in cookie cutter. Each session will be tailored to your specific needs, your career and your goals. 


Let’s face it. Confidence books. Confidence in all areas of the business. If you’re not booking as often as you’d like, my guess is that confidence is one of the main culprits.  I can help you uncover your own process to trust yourself in the room and feel good about the work you do whether you book or not.


Whether you want to improve your relationship with your current reps or it's time to change it up, I'll share my super easy referral strategy designed to massively increase your odds of getting a meeting.  From there, we’ll create a plan to reach out like a pro, and knock your meetings out of the park.


We’ve been told that we’re supposed to self produce, but how can you actually make that happen without getting buried in the details. I'll help you get clear about what you want to create, who you want to work with, how you'll pay for it, and how you'll promote your project when it's done. That way, you can finally stop thinking about self producing and start making something you’re proud of.


Most actors who “do marketing” are busy being busy without really being effective.  If you want a plan that you’re excited to stay consistent with; a plan that brings results, we can design one that matches your personality and your lifestyle.


If you ever feel like you’re acting into a vacuum with so many self tapes and zero feedback from living, breathing human beings, I can help demystify why you may not be getting callbacks or booking more work. We’ll take a look at a recent self-tape (or even prep for an upcoming audition) so you can finally get professional insight to point out your blindspots.

Leverage Unique Expertise

I’m a working actor. I’ve been on a series for the past 7 years. I’ve been the lead of a show that was nominated for a Daytime Emmy and I’ve been backed by ABC studios for a PrimeTime Emmy nomination. I’ve been in the trenches with you and come out on the other side (the view from over here is pretty great, by the way). 
I also remember having  NO CREDITS, feeling confused about what the hell to do, and wondering if this acting thing was ever going to take off for me. 
Today, I’m at the level  where I’m pitching my own show and shadowing directors on Episodic television.
Did I mention that I’m a certified Life Coach, specifically working with Actors?  Why? Because I truly believe it’s my responsibility to send the elevator back down.  I’ve helped tons of actors book work, partner with perfect representation, grow their confidence and shift their mindset to create a lifestyle that supports their acting dreams. I bring a unique perspective to our business built on years of hands-on, boots on the ground work.

No, But seriously... Read this VERY CAREFULLY:

I rarely open up coaching spots. I give my undivided attention to my private VIP clients. I haven’t opened up spots in THREE years…

I’m only interested in working with Actors that will put in the work. What I know for sure is there is no magic bean and ACTION IS REQUIRED.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work…then LET’S DO THIS!

Space is super limited and you have until December 1st, 2024 (all year!) to redeem your sessions. But, they’re only available for purchase until November 27th, 11:59PM PST,  or until they sell out. (whichever comes first)